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LED Boxing

MyLED.com,one-stop source for integrated LED lighting solutions, specialises in selling globally about 18 categories 200 subcategories of cost-effective LED related products.

The unlimited utilization of LED night lamp

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When talking about the sleeping of the little child, many parents feel it is a nightmare for them. I believe it is the most aren’t do not want to experience to persuade their child to go to bed because they usually do not will to do that and will cry for long time. But some smart parents find the interesting night lamp can keep the child stay at their bed and pay their attention to lamp, calm down to listen the story you read. In this way, they can fall in sleep easier.

If you put the night lamp lighting on the kid’s bedside, when your kid wake up during night, he will not feel afraid when see the soft lighting. But for getting a healthier and safer lighting, you should choose LED night light for the kids. Compare to the traditional night lamp, LED night lamp use less energy and do not contain harmful substance when lighting. It can create a healthy and comfortable lighting environment for kid’s sleeping.

Of course, beside child’s room, the LED night lamp can be used in other house areas. Because of its various designs and functions, it can use as the reading light, decorative light and so on. When have a home party, you can light up all your night lamps and put them on the suitable place to offer warm, soft and funny lighting. Or if you like to sleep late, in order to not interrupt the other families’ sleeping, you can use the LED night lamp for illuminating your way when moving.

LED street light for city lighting

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Thanks to the development of the science, now people can enjoy a more convenient and comfortable healthy life. If pay some attention to the lighting projects around, we can easily find that most of them are replaced by the new tech LED lighting, such as the street light. Compare to the traditional street light, the LED street light offer soft and more comfortable lighting for drivers and its free maintenance help to avoid the extra maintenance cost. In order to save energy, most LED street light use the solar power to operate which make its installation simpler.

For the city lighting, the solar LED street light is the best choice to help the government reduce the financial cost. As technology has rapidly improved and more players enter the market, an LED street light that cost $432 in 2009 cost just $141 in 2013. In fact, trusted manufacturers now offer LED streetlights at the 100 watt HPS equivalent lumen level for under $100. Its lower price make more public project choose LED street light in their area lighting.

Even though the LED street light bring a lot benefits for city lighting, there are still some difficulties to deal with for the widely use. While street lighting may seem like an easy and highly visible way to reach savings goals, the project faces many barriers impeding widespread deployment of LED street lights. In some cases, key decision-makers lack the expertise needed to conduct a conversion.

For the solar power street light, the one thing needed to settle is the solar power will be reduced in the bad weather and winter days. The user has to connect the electronic power to operate the street lighting for the road lighting. But with the advanced technology, this problem will be perfectly deal with soon.

LED shower head bring wonderful shower experience

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A relaxing shower should be the most enjoyable moment for the people who have experienced a whole day hard work. If you feel boring to the old single shower head and want to do some change, consider the LED shower head which will bring a wonderful shower moment to you.

LED shower heads are gaining rapid popularity because they are able to add a little spice and color to your everyday showering experience so that you can say “Goodbye” to same old showers. These LED shower heads work the same as all other shower heads, with one exception; they enable you to take your morning shower in a rainbow of colors with a color changing shower head.

The unique feature of LED shower head is that they visually tell you the water temperature. Different water temperatures are highlighted with these LED shower heads. People are apprehensive that the light might stop or hinder the flow of water. However, that is not the case at all and people can continue to shower like usual without experiencing any problem in the water flow. A high-pressure shower is not affected in any way by adding modern gadgets. A LED shower head is not only convenient, it is also visually appealing. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to shower in colorful water? Even if it sounds not that appealing to you, but it’s definitely cheer up the little kids in your home.

Adding the modern LED shower head, you can enjoy a colorful and really relaxing shower after hard work. It is water powered, does not use the electronic energy and it very easy for install. Only a few minutes, you can get a totally different shower experience, why not get it home.

LED track light makes your lighting flexible

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Want to try a different and new decoration in your house and do not find the suitable light fixture to light your study room and bedroom up in a funny and new way? In the generally lighting design, people use ceiling light mounted on the ceiling to illuminate the room because the ceiling light is small and do not occupy too many installation space. But if you want some different lighting effect, the ceiling light cannot meet your need. And in this case, you can consider the LED track light to get some flexible and wonderful lighting effect.

As times and trends in decorating changed, track lighting became synonymous with tacky lighting. But times have shifted again, and track lights are trendy. Mounted on the track, the LED track light can be freely moved to focus the lighting on where you want. With the LED chip as light source, it has all the advantages of the LED light, energy-saving, longer lifespan, eco-friendly and less maintenance and so on. For the household use, LED track light is usually used in the dining room, cloakroom and the study room bookshelf for focus lighting.

Of course, the LED track light use is not limited at household lighting. LED track lights also offer great energy savings for retail, hospitality and commercial applications. Replacing incandescent and halogen track lighting with LED track heads can bring flexibility in color temperatures, beam control, dimming and design aesthetics. There are various colors for customers choose the right LED track light to meet their lighting demands.

LED wall washer light illuminate your world up

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For house owner who have a large backyard in the house, then summer should be the most enjoyable days since he can share the beautiful landscape with families and friends in the weekend on the garden. He can do the gardening work with the little kids which help them have more communication time and the kids will learn a lot new things during the funny work. But the night time at the garden is the most attractive which avoid the burning sunshine and have the comfortable wind, the moon and the stars. But before enjoy the funny night, you should consider the garden lighting first. In order to make the garden beautiful and funny, beside use the LED floodlight to illuminate the garden up, the LED wall washer light can add more charming for the night.

For a shining light effect, the RGB LED wall washer light is the best choice. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting, illuminate walls, curtains, objects in a room, or use for cove and accent lighting. With an RGB LED wall washer system, you can either choose to let the colors rotate through a pre-programmed color sequence stop it at a solid color. With RGB LED wall washers, you don’t have to decide on a particular color for an area or a room. RGB LED wall washers are dynamic. Change your color scheme with the seasons or for the occasion. Plug it in, select your mode, and light your world, the LED wall washer light makes your lighting attractive in a simple way.

LED candle bulb makes your house elegant and bright

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In every house, we can easily find the light bulb used to light u the room. Since the Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, the human beings had got many improvements on the light bulb. In the 21 century, the LED light bulb is born at the right moment to meet the more lighting requirement. As one of the common use LED bulb, the LED candle bulb is very popular to use in the chandeliers light as the light source.

With the LED chip as the light source, the LED candle bulb emit bright but soft lighting with less energy consumption, give off less heat and do not contains any environment pollution substance. It is the ideal light source for use indoor to create a healthier and more comfortable lighting environment for the families.

In order to meet the different occasions lighting need, there are many colors for choice, warm white for adding the sweet and romantic atmosphere, the cool white for the quiet office lighting and natural white or other special colors for special occasions use. LED candle bulbs look spectacular when dressed with a candle sleeve or a candle cover for a realistic dripped wax effect that won’t ever drip on furniture or pool on the table or floor. Brighten up any space with energy efficient, long lasting LED candle bulbs is no longer a dream now.

If you have a new house and plan to decorate it to be warm and elegant then the LED candle bulb will help a lot to provide comfortable lighting for long time without fussy replacement or maintenance works while save a large amount of energy cost at the same time.

LED desk lamp is the ideal choice for your desk work

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If you like reading and have a lot papers or computer work to finish, you will know the benefits that a desk lamp brings. Now with the high-tech development, the LED chips can be used in most general lighting fixtures; the LED desk lamp will bring a more excellent lighting effect for your work.

Old lamps with incandescent bulbs are incredibly inefficient and heat up very hot, very quickly. This eats up electricity when you consider how long you typically keep a lamp on throughout the day. The LED market has your solution in LED Desk Lamp with its modern and exquisite design. The sleek and modern desk lamp has cool white and warm white choice, energy-efficient LED bulbs that are also dimmable at the touch of a finger.

The lamps are small and easy to move from one location to another. The table lamp has a cover that will direct the light from the light bulb directly on the items you want to see. This is very important because light will not shine into the eyes of the user and cause glare. Desk lamps are also positioned close to the table and this increases the amount of light that illuminates the item. The closer the light is to the reading material, the brighter the illumination.

The LED desk lamp offers a softer and bright enough lighting for the reading, paperwork or other desk work. The soft lighting will help to reduce the eye fatigue that the traditional desk light caused. For long time use, it will also save a lot energy because its high efficiency while its eco-friendly feature help the user have a healthy lighting environment.

LED underground light enrichs your indoor and outdoor lighting

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Now, with the development of the technology and the citizens environment concept change, the LED light is become the mainstream of the future lighting. In order to enjoy the comfortable and convenient lighting while do not occupy too many space, the LED underground light emerge as the time require.

With the easy installation and does not occupy the extra space for installation, the LED underground light is widely used both indoor and outdoor. For the indoor use, you can choose those do not have very high protection level which is cheaper to help save some money. You can install in the living room floor to draw the outline of the area that need special attention. Of course if you want to install under the pool for illuminating and make it beautiful, remember to select the LED underground light with the highest IP68 protection level.

If your house is with a large personal garden, then the LED underground light would be the ideal light fixture to enrich the lighting effect for your backyard. With the small and exquisite shapes, it is very easy to install the underground light along your pathways to illuminate the road.

There are many colors for choose when purchase the underground light, you can select the right color to fit your whole lighting atmosphere. For example, if your garden lighting is cool white trend, you should pick the cold white LED underground light to fit for the whole lighting effect. Of course, with the development of the technology, there are color change and RGB color light for enriching your lighting effect.

LED floodlight adds your house security

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It is predicted that many homeowners will make the switch from halogen bulbs to LED lights for their outside lighting needs in 2015. Not just for conventional garden lighting, but for security lighting purposes as well. In this blog, we’ll look at how LED floodlights can help improve security and help you keep your home safe.

Use the LED as the light source, the LED floodlight share all the wonderful features of the LED lights, such as high lighting efficient, environment friendly, free maintenance and longer lifespan and so on. With the high power excellent chip, the LED floodlight can offer much bright illumination than the traditional light while consumes less energy. It is the ideal choice for the outdoor road/pathway, personal garden and other large area lighting.

The ultimate purpose of security lights is to illuminate intruders or unwanted visitors on your property. For this, you’ll want an exceptionally bright light. One LED floodlights can be as effective as up to three halogen security lights meaning that any unwanted guests will be clearly and visibly lit up. LED floodlights are excellent for covering dark spots around the home including alleyways, drives and garden paths.

LED flood lights with infrared sensors have a 180-degree range of motion, picking up on heat waves when someone or something within this range is in motion. Depending on the sensor, the light will remain active for 1 to 10 minutes and then shut off automatically. This is a great safety feature which also helps save energy in cases when the homeowner forgets to turn the lights off.

If you are looking for the ideal light fixture to make your house to be safe, enjoy bright lighting garden and save more energy at the same time, then do not miss the LED floodlight.

LED diamond ring lamp let your party different

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If you have a party need to take part in, how to make yourself to be the most dazzling queen on the party is the most important thing you need think about before preparing the party dressing and jewelry. Most of you will think the necklace and hair style are the most attractive pay the most efforts on it. But you will not be the outstanding one if you ignore the LED diamond ring light which will make your party with different lighting.

This product is certainly everything that you could hope for because it got the quality that you are going to need to support your activity. Although the price is not so cheap, you can count on this product because you can use this product for a very long time.

We all know that Diamond Ring standards love and promise. Now we will recommend you a romantic diamond ring shaped USB powered LED night light. When the light turns on, the wordage “I love U” will show on the top of lamp. So the light can function as a decoration to give off a soft glow at night and light up loving commitments to your lovers. Therefore, it is really a wonderful loving LED light for choice. If you want to give your girlfriend a surprise proposes, then the LED diamond ring light will be helpful and let your propose a success.



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